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The common denominator involved with most of the things that end our life is cell deterioration and malfunction which allow Heart Disease, Cancer, and Alzheimer's to effect us. It takes approximately 37 trillion cells to make a human body. If we are going to stay healthy as we age past 40 we need to keep our cells healthy, and communicating. Cells are individual living entities that work together and communicate between each other to perform all the wonderful things we do. To see a football coming at us the cells in our eyes communicate with the cells in our brain through linked cells. The brain becomes our internal quarterback, directing the eyes, legs, feet, arms, in split seconds, giving us the ability to catch the ball and keep running. That all might be considered easy to a skilled ballerina performing before a packed house at La Scala in Milan, where every move has to be done to perfection. As we grow older and our cells lose their ability to communicate and produce energy we need to supplement the stuff that nature is weaning from us. If we do we will avert disease and have the energy to exercise and continue to play and dance into our old age.
The point I am making is that as we age we have to really take care of our trillions of cells if we expect to be able to function as capable, contributing, people instead of dependent, limited creatures.
Name any major killer, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's, they all happen when cells malfunction. People with healthy cells don't get these diseases. To prevent disease instead of treating it, with chemo, radiation, operations, and drugs with dangerous, damaging side effects, keep your cells healthy.

100 Plus is our budget package with two very important products.

Two Per Day Multivitamin Capsules
Two Per Day Multivitamin Capsules has an impressive list of vitamins that are essential for cell health.

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Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ
CoQ10 and PQQ are two of the most important ingredients of our cells. CoQ10 acts as the spark plug to enable the Mitochondria to function as the cell engines, powering us to do everything, from seeing and eating to running and thinking. PQQ generates new Mitochondria. As we age our bodies production of CoQ10 falls below 50% and Mitochondria die, that is why this combination supplement is so important, it generates new Mitochondria and brings our supply of CoQ10 back to full capacity to keep the trillions of Mitochondria that run every function of our body, working at peak efficiency.
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100 Plus: Starter Package
Retail Price: $76.00
Sale Price: $57.00
Savings: $19.00

  • Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ®
  • 100 mg, 30 softgels
Life Extension® continues to develop increasingly potent mitochondria-boosting formulations. The new Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ® contains shilajit (which studies have shown doubles CoQ10 levels in the mitochondria) plus the breakthrough compound PQQ (shown to support the spontaneous generation of new mitochondria in aging cells). This represents a three-way strategy for enhanced mitochondrial support.

  • Two-Per-Day Capsules
  • 120 capsules
Two-Per-Day Capsules provide Crominex® 3+, a highly stable and biologically active form of chromium blended with Capros® Amla and PrimaVie® Shilajit. When used as part of a healthy diet, chromium plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in those within normal range. Two-Per-Day Capsules additionally contain alpha-lipoic acid, the universal antioxidant that helps boost glutathione levels already in normal range.