AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase)

The Cellular Enzyme That Promotes Longevity and Reduces Fat Storage

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If you are not familiar with AMPK read this article carefully because this enzyme has multiple benefits. Since the 1970's scientists have published over 7,500 documents about AMPK. They have found that increased AMPK activation has been shown to increase lifespan by 15 to 20 years, help reduce fat storage (especially dangerous belly fat that hampers organ function), increase insulin sensitivity (to lower blood glucose). reduce cholesterol/triglyceride production, and suppress chronic inflammation.

Unlike previous generations that were unaware of AMPK, documented methods exist right now to activate AMPK. When we are young AMPK is manufactured in our body and is in every cell of our body where it acts as the master regulating switch. It determines body fat composition and how long we will live.

Why AMPK Levels Decline

Most humans today, especially in the US, suffer chronic nutritional overload, which is a fancy way of saying we eat too much. When this happens, vital life functions may become disrupted, such as the proper uptake of glucose and fat from our blood for effective energy regulation. In response to excess calorie consumption, cellular housekeeping can't keep up, resulting in the accumulation of cellular waste which slows down and even kills the mitochondria (power plants or engines of our cells). Abundant food intake impairs beneficial longevity genes while causing pro-inflammatory genes to become dormant.

When cells are chronically over-nourished, the energy mobilizing enzymatic activity of AMPK diminishes. The outward effects manifest in the form of weight gain, diabetes, degenerative disease, and premature death.

Deadly Effects of AMPK Deficit

Abdominal Obesity
Loss of Insulin Sensitivity
High LDL
Accumulation of Cellular Stress
Unfavorable Gene Expression
High Triglycerides
Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Excess Glucose
Chronic Inflammation
Accumulation of Senescent Cells
Heart Failure

How to Boost AMPK

Researchers have discovered 4 ways to boost the body's AMPK activity.

Botanical Extracts (AMPK Activator)

Two natural agents Gynostemma pentaphyllum and trans-titiroside activate AMPK. Each of these agents triggers different metabolic benifits and they are both in Life Extension AMPK Activator.


AMPK activity increases with regular vigorous exercise. You have to keep it going with vigorous exercise at least 3 times a week or the AMPK activity will decrease.

Calorie Restriction

It is widely known that if you fast at least one day a week you will live longer and research proves that calorie restriction increases AMPK activity. However if normal food intake resumes AMPK activity declines.


Metformin is a drug prescribed for diabetes which was found to be able to activate AMPK also. It works but some people experience digestive upset and can not take it.

Of course my advice is to exercise like crazy and eat very little and live to be 110, but if you are a little bit lazy, like me, and don't want to fast and cut down on your food while exercising vigorously, take our AMPK Activator. The AMPK Activator has the ingredients Gynostemma pentaphyllum and trans-titiroside as the first booster listed above.

I think with all of the things that AMPK does the smart choice is our AMPK Activator, I am taking it, I feel great and when I hit 110 there will be some proof that it works. If you take it and a thousand more we will absolutly prove that it works.

My serious goal is to get as many people as possible to try the new supplements that are now available and prove that they work so that as we grow older we will be able to do almost anything and really be healthy instead of the way the healthcare industry does it now where they keep people alive like the walking dead while they rake in 3 trillion dollars a year. If we prove that supplements keep you alive and healthy millions of people will benefit.

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Use P10 as the Coupon Code and get an additional discount