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The information and recommendations concerning supplements presented on this website are gathered from research projects, that are documented in the accompanying references or available references that you may request. I don’t make any claims, myself, except those I have personally experienced from taking supplements. We cannot say that any supplement cures or arrests any condition or disease unless it has been proven. We will use the word “may” instead of “will” in most cases because not enough research has been done with a large enough sampling of people to give 100% verified proof that all conditions were met. That is one reason many of the research projects are done with animals so that the variables can be controlled.

If you have disputing or supporting evidence on anything we state here, please submit it to us and if your information has references or is a personal experience we will publish it.

One of our goals with this website is to form a database of 10’s of thousands of people, over a long period of time, to make a significant analysis of the effects of specific natural supplements so that we can prove just how effective they are.