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My Background

From the founder, Joseph Anthony Hammond:

Started my career as a photojournalist, in 1960, at the age of 18 which I pursued for 11 years.. Taking pictures of the average guy in the street, police, firefighters, heroes, sports stars, movie stars, congressman, governors, and two of our Presidents. I realized, at a young age, that no one is better than anyone else because of their position. I also realized that every person has a story and through my life I have avidly listened to the stories I was lucky enough to hear.

Some of my other jobs and experiences:

  • Published my own newspaper for over 4 years with a circulation of 36,000
  • Construction Coordinator for the Girard Estate, managing 160 men, working on the construction of the Philadelphia Community College
  • Designed and constructed a state of the art newspaper printing plant
  • In charge of the team that first developed variable data printing on a web press in 1974
  • NJ Policeman, won state and national handgun competitions
  • Sailed by boat from Martha’s Vineyard down the East Coast and out through the Bahamas for three years
  • Attacked by pirates in the Bahamas
  • Survived 3 days at sea in a tropical storm
  • Owner, president, and CEO of my own printing company for 25 years, printing for local and Fortune 500 companies, some of them are AAA, JC Penny, Bloomingdales, Miami Dade College, Royal Caribbean, Baptist Hospitals, Macy’s, Ryder, and Lincoln Financial.
  • Made 7 short films and 1 feature length film. The feature length film won awards at film festivals in the US and one of the short films, "Flea Market Finish Line" won awards in the US and was accepted at the Cannes Film Festival in France, the largest and oldest film festival in the world.

I got interested in supplements when I turned 40, 37years ago, 40 was a turning point. That year I read a long article in Esquire Magazine about how at 40 you started to fall apart and every decade it got worse. That is also when I found the Life Extension Company, and started taking their supplements. Back then it was mostly the basic vitamins not the 400, and some, supplements that are available today. Back then I didn't take the vitamins every day, I wasn't very consistent. Now, at 77, I take supplements every day, and feel lucky that we have options to take supplements that contribute to us being healthy and living longer.

For more information on my background, check my account on Facebook and LinkedIn. I am giving you all this information because there are people and companies selling supplements that are not telling the truth about what they are selling, and they hide when people find out. I am giving you my personal information so that you know that I don’t ever intend to hide because the Life Extension supplements always contain the potency and purity stated on the bottle and we only give information that is documented by the people doing the research.

To the Future
Profit from the sale of supplements will go to research that proves what supplements do to improve your health, keep you from getting life threatening diseases, and extend your life span.
Beyond that, I have a burning desire to make films about why our people are getting sicker and heavier as health costs surpass all other countries. You can be part of the data that proves we can be healthy. Wrote a script about present day slavery and how to eradicate it, I plan to make that movie.. Also working on a film exposing the corruption of government with ways to change it, that I plan to introduce to people who can make that change.