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In my research on present day food nutrition I came across this white paper that explains why the food from our super markets is incredibly low in nutrition. It ends up being a low pressure ad for a device that enables you to grow vegetables at home. The data is documented and collaborated by my other research. The reason I am presenting it here is because it is so well explained. They only do tests on some basic vitamins, but if the nutritional value goes down on these vitamins, it is logical that most of the other nutrients will decline also.

When I was growing up in New Jersey we always had a huge garden and raised turkey's and chickens. We lived next to a forest and had a large property. The vegetables from our garden were the best tasting vegetables I have ever eaten, my Mother would tell me which vegetables to pick as she was preparing our meals. I think the good nutrient rich soil and the way we ate the vegetables hours after they were picked, were factors in my parents raising 6 very healthy, smart, strong, kids.

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I just this minute had a mango given to us by our photojournalist, adventurer, friend, picked hours ago from her yard in Homestead FL. It was the best tasting mango I have ever had, I bet it was packed with nutrients.

So here is the paper, it only takes a few minutes to read and, of course, without saying anything about taking supplements, it makes a good point about how much more important supplements are today.