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Why Choose Hammond Life Extension

Hammond Life Extension is a wholesale dealer for Life Extension, the most trusted source of supplements in the World. Life Extension has been in business for 38 years and have their own doctors and scientists on staff who actually come up with new products. All of the facts in the Life Extension magazine are documented with references to the scientists and doctors doing the research from universities and hospitals around the United States and the world.

The vitamins and supplements purchased from Hammond Life Extension, are drop shipped directly from Life Extension distribution, to you. Life Extension also has two special sale periods, one for the direct members and one for the wholesale members.

So why deal with Hammond Life Extension if everything is equal?

The founder of Hammond Life Extension, Joseph Anthony Hammond, is 78 and has been taking Life Extension supplements since the early 80’s, most likely being one of their first customers. Joe is very healthy and works full time as a printing consultant, filmmaker, and as president of Hammond Life Extension/Hammond Communications.

Now at 78, after reading that 1 out of 3 people over 65 get Alzheimer’s disease and die from it, and knowing what he has learned from Life Extension and his studies of nutrition, Joe is taking supplements every single day. He thinks going in and out of cognitive ability and memory with family and friends as a person ages, over a period of years, is the worst way to go, for everyone concerned.

So the number one thing Joe wants to do for you, himself, and all who come aboard is to keep a database of what everyone is taking and see what kind of results we get and share that information with everyone. He will keep you up to date with new products that develop to lead you to the best combination of supplements in the most effective doses that keep your minds active, keep your cells functioning at peak efficiency, and keep you healthy.

Joe is also a passionate independent filmmaker. In 2013, his film, “Flea Market Finish Line” was accepted at the Cannes Film Festival in France which is the oldest and largest film festival in the world. He is making films that at their core have a deep social message about love, ending present day slavery, fixing our government, and other issues people need to think about and act on.

The profit from selling Life Extension supplements will go into making an interactive database of all of our results that all of us can share, and it will also help finance our films. Joe will give you a credit at the end of each film for helping to make it possible. If you are interested he will also give you a copy of the film.

Here is the Condensed Deal:

  1. Joe will make every effort to make sure we are all taking the best supplements to keep Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer, away and keep every cell in our bodies communicating and healthy.
  2. When we have wholesale sales, Joe will notify you so that you can stock up at that time.
  3. You will have access to our database as we build it, so that you can see what is working best for all of our customers.
  4. Customers will have the choice to have social access to communicate with others who want to communicate or have complete privacy, and just get information on the results.
  5. You will be credited on our films, that will be action adventure dramas about problems we need to solve or you can have total privacy.
  6. Joe will give you a copy of our future films, if you request them.