Why Did I Start This Website

I want very much to stay healthy. Have been studying nutrition, supplements, and a healthy lifestyle for the last 30 years. Studying and Doing are two different things. I only did the healthy part, about 30% of the time, but now I have a burning desire to produce meaningful films that will make people think, and hopefully act, to correct some of the things that have gone wrong in this world. At 73 I am relatively healthy but as I look around and see old people dragging themselves around with a vacant look in their eye, I swear that will never be me.

Told my family that if I start to get feeble, they would see me jump on my sailboat and sail away so that I will not be a burden to anyone. It sounds romantic and heroic but without doing anything about my old age condition, I am rapidly approaching that point of departure. But I have two problems, I don’t have a sailboat anymore, (HaHa) and I realized a hero wouldn’t sail away, it is more cowardly then heroic to leave my wife, kids, grand-kids, family and friends because my ego didn’t want to feel helpless.

I thought deeply about my dilemma and decided I can’t just leave if I get sick or helpless, but my ego can’t handle being helpless around the people I love, so I came up with an alternative plan. There are some people who stay healthy right up to the end. I need to be one of that group, who live through their older years as active contributing citizens instead of helpless, dependent creatures.

So I decided to find out what the ingredients are that give people the ability to have an active, cognitive, adventure loving life so that I can continue to contribute to the happiness of my loved ones and have fun doing it. Well I think I am on to something that will keep me going full steam ahead until infinity comes. I want to share it with you because this can be bigger than me or you. If we get thousands of people to test the plan and if we all collaborate and publish the data we accumulate, we can see what kind of results can come out of all this and prove something that just might help millions of people. We can all be part of the solution by forming a database with all of our combined results so that we will know what is working the best and share it with each other, all the people in our data base, and the rest of the world.

I have prepared a long article or a short book on the subject of living a healthy life past 100 and I am charging $5.00 for the book. I will continue to expand and update the book as we go forward with our project. You will receive every update at no additional charge as we continue through the years in good health. There is an ad for the book on page one of this website so you can order it there. The proceeds from the book will be used to make a dynamic data base of all of our results so that we can fine tune our health.